Mr. Terry Sullivan

Terry Sullivan serves as a Senior Executive Operations Specialist for 5 Stones intelligence, providing highly specialized leadership and guidance to 5 Stones’ Clients within the Government and Corporate sectors. Mr. Sullivan previously served as a US Navy SEAL for 21 years and enjoyed an extraordinary career within a range of US Special Operations commands to include, the principal SEAL staff planner in the establishment of the legendary SEAL Team 6 Special Warfare Command.

Mr. Sullivan provided key operations planning and execution during the 1983 American rescue operation in Grenada. He represented the Commander, Naval Surface Force, in Beirut, Lebanon and developed the Counter Terrorism security plan against U.S. ships operating off Beirut.

Mr. Sullivan served as the Operations and Training officer for SEAL Team Two and designed an extensive training program for foreign military personnel in special operations. Mr. Sullivan served in combat and intelligence roles in Vietnam and numerous US Classified Counter Terrorism Operations. Mr. Sullivan assisted in organizing and coordinating a key Counter Terrorism course for Army and Navy special warfare units focusing vulnerabilities within civilian industrial facilities.

Mr. Sullivan possesses unparalleled experience in designing and executing Special Operations Security, Counter Terrorism and intelligence services and training to 5 Stones Clients.

Mr. Sullivan holds an MBA in Finance and Investments and has graduated from the most rigorous and extensive Special Operations training programs within the US Government.