USG Special Activity Program Support

Historically, HUMINT Assets have been developed and maintained to be utilized for “specific task collection” or other operational support. Under such arrangements, these assets and their “handlers” were compartmentalized which prevented operational collaboration due to administrative governmental protocols and Inter-Agency competition. 5Si is not limited by US Government administrative protocols, jurisdictional issues and/or related elements that impede operational development of HUMINT networks. Our “Assets” are generated through and from our “Faith Based” contacts as well as our domestic/international contacts and alliances, with Extraordinary Access. Furthermore, these assets are controlled from a central point by special operators who possess current Top Secret Clearances. Several of these Assets can provide intelligence and evidence concerning the following sectors:

  • International arms shipments
  • Para-Military and FARC operations
  • Corruption and Political Compromises
  • Political and Operational Objectives
  • Principal Targets
  • Methodologies of Clandestine Banking Systems
  • Hezbollah & Hamas as well as other Mid East Terror Organizations
  • Fund Sites and Methodologies by which Money Laundering & Narcotics Operations provide the Operational “Fuel” to regenerate themselves.

5Si is strategically positioned to provide assistance and support to the US Government and State & Local Law Enforcement Agencies concerning the development of time sensitive intelligence collection directed toward Client requirements in the following areas:

  • Protective intelligence
  • Financial intelligence; i.e. Terrorist Financing.
  • HUMINT Development; i.e. Full Cycle of HUMINT Collection Operations. (Spot–Assess–Develop –Recruit –Direct Human intelligence Sources)
  • Social Structure
  • Communications vulnerabilities
  • Counterintelligence
  • Operational & Investigative development