Geo-Political Analysis

5Si offers innovative analysis by conducting a 360º holistic situational awareness examination. Our approach involves multiple disciplines of academia and is forward thinking; always customized to the Client’s specific needs. The 5Si product deliverable consists of an executive summary, thorough analysis by specific component, conclusions and recommendations. The recommendations take the form of risk based options enabling the Client the ability to make an effective cost benefit analysis of the prospective opportunity.

Components of analysis:

  • Factoid
  • Political Considerations and Stakeholders at the National and Local Level
  • Cultural Sensitivities and Business Norms
  • Tax Regime and Regulatory Framework
  • Financial Climate: Indications of Transparency, Corruption, Money laundering, Tax Haven, etc.
  • Economic Structure, Situation and Trends
  • Criminal Climate: Identification and Impact of Organized crime, Terrorism, Narco-terrorism, Human trafficking, etc.
  • Special Considerations and Identification of Opportunities