5si employs professionals from multiple backgrounds of counter-intelligence experience from the National Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement, and Military. Due to our wide depth of operational acumen regarding Counter-Intelligence tactics, techniques and procedures, we are uniquely suited to address the Clients concerns whether business or security related. 5Si provides both offensive and defensive counter-intelligence services.


  • Analysis of Vulnerabilities by Specific Threat – Company Internal and External
  • Business Operational Procedures contributing to Corporate Risk and Loss of Revenue
  • Competitor Attempts to Breech Proprietary Information
  • Proprietary Information Protective Measures
  • Research and Analysis of Offensive Business Intelligence Practices


  • OPSEC vulnerabilities and Identification of Compromise
  • Force Protection Measures and Support (Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance)
  • Deception Operations
  • Information Operations – Offensive and Defensive
  • Threat Related Research and Analysis
  • HUMINT in support of CI operations

Due to operational sensitivities, please contact your 5Si representative for further information regarding 5Si Counter-Intelligence Services. Also see Intelligence > USG Special Activity Program Support