Competitive Business Intelligence

What Competitive Intelligence is not:

  • It is not the aggregation and analysis of historical business data
  • It is not the mere investigation of a business or individual or marketplace for due diligence purposes
  • It is not just fraud detection or prevention

What Competitive Intelligence is:

  • It is reliable, discreet, time sensitive information that assures competitive advantage, risk reduction and increase in profits
  • It is a proactive rather than remedial strategy – giving you control over the situation, not the situation control over you
  • 5Si Business Intelligence enhances the Client’s ability to turn knowledge into profit

Investigative Approach

  • Onsite and offsite information collection
  • Onsite and offsite interviews
  • Forensic examination – look-back and information reconstruction
  • Research, surveillance and undercover operations
  • Review and analyze the information provided
  • Business Evaluation and Risk Analysis
    • Financial
    • Reputational
    • Legal
  • Report, documentation and recommendations
  • Customized implementation of a remediation program, including workshops and seminars, policies and procedures, as well as best practices

Situational Awareness

  • Customized to the needs and requirements of the Client
  • 360° situational awareness – integrated and holistic approach
    • Economic
    • Political
    • Cultural
    • Business
    • Legal
  • Incentives to do business
  • Impediments to doing business
  • Public and private sector transparency, corruption and information integrity
  • Criminal and terrorist considerations