Asset Capture Program

Our Asset Capture Program (ACP) offers an extraordinary range of scalable solutions through our Financial intelligence & Financial investigation Capabilities designed to support the capture of illicit assets for Federal and State & Local Law Enforcement agencies.

5 Stones intelligence Specialists possesses the most comprehensive and successful Financial investigations and UC Money Laundering experience earned through decades of service within DEA/FBI/IRS/ICE/CIA/NYPD/MPD. 5Si has identified – mapped – seized criminal assets exceeding $250 million USD throughout the world and within the top 15 U.S. cities.

5Si Financial intelligence Specialists have penetrated and mapped Illicit Financial Networks which support Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO), Terrorist Networks, Global Money Laundering Organizations and Professional Black Market Money Laundering Services driven by Nationalized Criminal Activities in the world’s most dangerous sectors.

5 Stones presently provides Financial investigators and Financial intelligence Specialists to various Law Enforcement and intelligence components within the U.S. Government.

Let 5 Stones Capture the Advantage for your agency…..