Our Passion

5 Stones intelligence, (5Si) is comprised of fiercely loyal, spiritually strong, intellectually driven, operationally experienced, Best-of-Breed, Special Agents, Case Officers, Military Special Operators, Intelligence Analysts, and Detectives, who unashamedly believe in and are committed to God, Jesus Christ, family, Judeo-Christian principles, country, Clients, our services, and Israel.

Our name, 5 Stones is taken from The Holy Bible, 1st Samuel 17:40…”David chose five smooth stones.” Young David the Shepherd chose 5 stones from the Elah stream, located today between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel. Those stones, prior to being in David’s hands and directed by God’s Divine Providence, were just merely stones…likewise, those who serve within 5 Stones intelligence have surrendered their lives to God and seek to serve Him, “for such a time as this.” Collectively, 5 Stones intelligence provides extraordinary Commitment, Loyalty and Specialized Skill-sets, seeking “Excellence in all things, and all things to God’s glory.”

The very core of 5 Stones intelligence is founded on our strong commitment to our faith and as such we have actualized our core beliefs into our business and professional services. All the 5Si core values are Christ-centered. Christ demonstrated Passion, Service, Excellence, Servant Leadership, Obedience and Sacrifice. We believe there is no other model.

From these Biblical truths, we have developed our own values to assist in our navigation along the pathway of personal faithfulness and spiritual entrepreneurship.

PASSION: We are personally and passionately convicted to provide our Clients with the highest levels of Service and Loyalty.

LEADERSHIP: We demand the highest levels of Servant Leadership qualities from all of our team members.

COMMITMENT: The best measure of commitment is Action. We seek to provide time sensitive results for our Clients.

CHARACTER: Character is a choice; consequently high moral and ethical conduct exudes credibility and dissolves compromise.

COMPETENCY: We believe One cannot lead, where he has never been. 5Si is committed to provide the absolute best of breed operators with previous demonstration of exceptional past performance.

DISCIPLINE: We are committed to details, accuracy, excellence and confidentiality for our Clients.