Threat & Vulnerability Assessment

Adding to our depth of security expertise, 5Si employs some of the world’s most renowned subject matter experts, resulting in our Clients receiving the assurance they deserve. Moreover, 5Si extends this level of assurance by conducting comprehensive assessments that provide the Client Risk Analysis they require before the incident occurs, Crisis Management Solutions during the event, and Extended Support Resolutions after the crisis.

Our member’s past performance results from their extensive experience in conducting hundreds of Security Assessment Surveys in support of the US Department of StateEmergency Action Plan 1500 (Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations) and Counter-Terrorism Programs. 5Si members have also participated in the development and review of Continuation of Government Programs.

5Si provides Specialized Consultation Services addressing the security concerns faced by our Clients regardless as to the source of threats: natural, criminal, terrorist, or technological.

  • US Secret Service Threat Assessment Protocols
  • Engineering, Architectural, Structural Damage Assessments (US Government Inman Standards)
  • Ballistic Penetration, Explosion and Blast Affects
  • Cyber Threats and Counter Hacking
  • Chemical, Biological, WMD analysis
  • US Embassies and Consulates Overseas
  • Public Affairs, Media Support, and Repatriation Activities
  • Local, State, Federal Government Response Policy Review
  • Public Utility Infrastructure Damage (Communication, Electrical, Commerce, Public Transportation)
  • Continuation of Government