Investigative Services

5 Stones Investigative Services span the globe in both reach and capability. Our investigators are highly successful DEA, FBI, CIA, IRS, NYPD, and SOCA investigators who have led the most complex international investigations transiting through tile world’s largest business centers to the most remote and challenging locations. Our services include Complex Global investigations, Financial Due Diligence, Forensic investigations, Counterfeit Trademark Violations, Professional and Para-Olympic Athlete investigations, College Sports Anti-Doping investigations, Physical Surveillance and Undercover Operations, Business and Financial Due Diligence, Professional Interviewing, Cyber and Technical Surveillance, and Forensic Accounting.

Through our professional services offerings, 5 Stones provides Financial Investigators in support of Governments and Commercial interests. 5 Stones investigative services can deliver unique results for your most complex investigative challenges.