Our People

We are a network of former members of the DEA, FBI, Secret Service, CIA, ATF, Military Special Operators, and Detectives from the New York Police Department and Miami Police Agencies; we are proven and recognized subject matter experts in our respective fields.

5 Stones intelligence (5Si) is comprised of globally experienced Special Agents, Case Officers, Detectives, Military Special Operators, Operational Intelligence Commanders, Intelligence Analysts and HUMINT assets, who are fiercely loyal, spiritually strong, and intellectually driven.

Through our strong commitment to our faith, our country and Judeo-Christian principles, we have actualized our core beliefs and passions into our professional services.

5Si was developed to function as a “State-of-the-Art” private intelligence Agency and protective intelligence Service, with a central mission to protect Jewish and Christian worship centers, schools, and businesses.

5Si specialists bring unique skill-sets to capture the advantage for our Clients ensuring the mitigation of risk and the maximization of profits and provide a safe harbor for Judeo-Christian worship centers, schools and businesses.

Leadership Structure















*5 Stones employs over 200 Specialists to serve our Clients around the world…