Intelligence Analyst

Job Description: 

Coordinates and participates in the planning, tracking, and/or execution of strategic and tactical intelligence operations. Focus on Financial intelligence and a range of macroeconomic and micro-economic issues as they relate to illicit financial networks and Geo-Political activities. Duties may include planning, coordinating, and ensuring quality control measures for a team of all-source analysts. Analyze threat information from multiple sources, disciplines, and agencies across the Intelligence Community. Duties include conducting studies to identify threats and trends; determining how these threats and trends effect national security; preparing reports through the aggregation of large amounts of intelligence information and presenting same into context and relevance.


  • – Conduct Counter-Intelligence assessments and support client HUMINT planning and support activities.
  • – Identify and extract essential information from intelligence products and investigations, analyze the data, and synthesize the information into reports that can be disseminated.
  • – Develop specific expertise, discern patterns of complex behavior, and provide an accurate understanding of present and future threats.
  • – Apply highly developed inductive reasoning skills to provide a proactive approach to potential threats.
  • – Navigate a variety of records, reports, miscellaneous communications, case files, and other sources to support research and analysis.
  • – Initiate, establish, and maintain effective working relationships inside and outside the USG.

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