USG Special Activity Program Support

The Global threats of the 21st century are some of the most challenging and complex problem sets that have ever faced our Nation. Addressing these unconventional and asymmetrical threats demands special skills and tradecraft held by just a few operational specialists in the world. Furthermore, the ability to carry out sensitive operations in “non-permissive” or “semi-permissive” environments requires great access, maneuverability, and special technologies.

5 Stones intelligence meets these challenges by offering unique capabilities to both its corporate and government Clients. Our members possess decades of experience in conducting specialized intelligence operations supporting government special activity programs and undercover law enforcement operations. Furthermore, 5Si has been able to create vast networks providing unprecedented and exclusive access to some of the most sensitive regions and sectors in the world.

Operational Support Services:

  • Full Spectrum HUMINT operations and Advanced Special Operations Techniques
  • Global Air, Land, Sea Transportation Networks
  • Advanced Force Operational Support to USG initiatives
  • Specialized Intelligence Collection Activities
  • Indigenous infrastructure development supporting Specialized Activities
  • Unconventional Assisted Recovery Mechanisms
  • Non Conventional Assisted Recovery Mechanisms

Due to operational sensitivities, please contact your 5Si representative for further information regarding 5Si USG Special Activity Services. Also see Intelligence > USG Special Activity Program Support.