Computer Security

In today’s world of Global communication and commerce the computer has become our portal to the world. Your computer carries your identity, your account information and many other items of information that you use to engage in everyday interactions. 5Si personnel have a sophisticated understanding and capability across the depth and breadth of computer security. We can help insure that your computer remains a tool for use as opposed to a liability to your business, church. We can provide assessments, recommendations and training at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

At the basic level, we will assess and recommend improvements regarding physical access, internet virus control, and spam protection.

For those who are comfortable with the benefits and hazards of normal operations but are looking to upgrade to a larger network or their own server, we will help in the selection of a system that has optimized and customized protection for your specific needs.

Our advanced IT team partners possess the experience and expertise gained by conducting hundreds of Cyber Assessment Surveys in support of Government and industry. This highly sensitive program is conducted discreetly, efficiently and effectively.

  • Physical security and cyber protection
  • Lan/Wan network security Hardware and software
  • Cyber Threats and assessments
  • Counter Hacking and protections
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Advanced cyber security

At 5Si we believe that you should be able to freely operate your computer and interact with the world without fear.