Forensic Accountant

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Job Description: 
Provide financial expertise to fully develop various aspects of an on-going intelligence projects or law enforcement investigations. Supporting Case Agents in the collection and analysis of complex financial information. Analyze and contextualize bulk financial records obtained by Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies through internal and external data bases and submit reports documenting complex analysis.


  • – Properly interpret financial information. Be able to obtain and evaluate all relevant financial information, process it and achieve the engagement objective.
  • – Perform analytical tasks and have a keen attention to detail.
  • – Be well organized and have the ability to develop a proper approach when performing analysis.
  • – Perform multiple, complex, accounting tasks involving analyses of various accounting functions such as disbursement requests, cashier receipts, reconciliations, etc;
  • – Solve complex problems independently by following accounting procedures and have experience in evaluating controls associated with complex business processes;
  • – Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of procedures and techniques as generally prescribed under American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) disciplines.
  • – Possess auditing experience. An audit background provides a base skill set, including professional skepticism and a general knowledge of financial systems and the control environment.
  • – Properly interpret financial information. Should be able to obtain and evaluate all relevant financial information, process it and achieve the engagement objective.
  • – Must possess working knowledge of current financial investigative techniques, including the use of commercial databases and other sources of information.
  • – An undergraduate degree is preferred.
  • – Foreign language skills are preferred.

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