Church & Synagogue Security Services

The core mission of 5 Stones intelligence is to provide security and intelligence, within the United States and worldwide, to Judeo-Christian worship centers, schools, ministries, and businesses. Today’s world holds evolving asymmetrical threats specifically targeting Church and Synagogue worship centers, ministries and schools. The global society has increasingly brought Christian and Jewish services into the target picture. As such, a higher duty of care has evolved into new and increasing levels of responsibility for the implementation of protective intelligence and protective services.

5Si is uniquely positioned, given our exceptionally strong background in the necessary skill sets, to offensively and defensively combat these identifiable threats. 5Si has generated the A.T.C. Intel-Network™; the patent pending intelligence collection and processing system created specifically for the protection of 5Si Clients. The A.T.C. Intel-Network™ is the first intelligence system designed specifically for the protection of Judeo-Christian worship centers, schools and businesses. 5Si Clients benefit from intelligence generated from the A.T.C. Intel-Network™ that will provide them with critical information that can be used to establish and augment existing security plans. More information on the A.T.C. Intel-Network™ can be obtained by contacting your 5Si representative.

5Si believes the first step in combating the emerging asymmetrical threats is through education and awareness. Therefore, 5Si provides consulting, seminars, conferences, speaking tours, and customized, modular training programs designed for the Client’s needs regardless of what level of security may already be established.

Contact Gregg Popick for more information and also review the categories to the left for a brief overview of the services we can provide.