Technical Surveillance

5 Stones Intelligence offers a multitude of services within the Technical Surveillance Spectrum to our Churches, Corporate, Private, and Government Clients.

  • Digital Surveillance Cameras –  Overt and Covert
  • Surveillance Cameras – Vehicle, Aerial, Buildings or Perimeter Grounds
  • Cell Phone Tracking
  • Computer, Internet, and Computer Tracking technologies
  • Clandestine Tagging, Tracking, and Locating Devices
  • Integrated and Layered Security Systems – Cameras, Sensors, Motion Detection, Infrared, Acoustic
  • Computer – Offensive and Defensive Security Measures
  • Operational Support – Emplacement, Management and Observation
  • Law Enforcement Support – Wire Tapping
  • Surreptitious Entry

Due to operational sensitivities, please contact your 5SI representative for further information regarding 5Si Special Activity Services.