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Leadership Structure

Slide david tinsley Founder - Chairman Brian Talay Chief Executive Officer Brian Ramsey Homeland Security
Douglas Sloan Gregg Popick Thomas Love Director of Commercial
Financial Crime & Sanctions
Risk Management
Director of Special Projects Chief Operating Officer Michael J Diorio Eric Pena Dale Armstrong Director of Fire /Arson
Investigations /Training
Geo-Political Analyst
Language & Cultural IRS
Lead Instructor for
Firearms Intelligence
and Investigations
Harlen Bell Ed Purchase Matthew Tinsley Govt. Contracts Lead
National Security Unit
Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) and Global Surveillance Team Leader Director of Financial Investigations Chief of Terrorism
Wiley Thompson Protection Operations Administration Jim Lay General Counsel Renee Haakon Craig Underwood Director of Investigations Terry Sullivan National Security
Steve Diaz Lead Investigator Org Tree Image BG Dan McManus Federal Security Program Compliance Washington D.C. Office Facility Security Officer EU Operations John Bowman Gregory Finning Chief Compliance Officer Director of Enterprise
Risk and Resilience
Bronwyn Haley Kevin Herder Personal Protection Specialist
(PPS) and Global Surveillance
Team Leader
Gene Donnely Timothy Harrington Director of Sports Investigations Tom Gallagher Director of Explosives
Intelligence and Training
Director of UK and Asst. Director of
William "Bill" McMurry Director of Global Strategy and Federal Programs Richard Branda Senior Financial

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