Intelligence Analysis and Production

5Si provides mission-critical intelligence services and solutions supporting both Commercial and U.S. National Security Clients. Our highly skilled, cleared professionals have specialized experience supporting the complete intelligence life cycle and are capable of providing a wide range of intelligence products to support our public and private sector Clients worldwide.

The effective work and tradecraft of today’s intelligence analysis must address past, present and future events, but will continue to be incomplete if it fails to incorporate the Optics of Cultural Acuity and the unique threads of nuance woven into language, culture, faith and finance. 5 Stones analysts were the first to identify and isolate unique components which reside within “The Blended Threat” that are central to Terrorism, Criminal Activity and Human Trafficking.

Specific intelligence analytic capabilities include:

  • All-Source Intelligence Analysis
  • Open Source, Business, and Financial Intelligence and Analysis
  • Specific analytic support to CT, CN, CP, CI and CTF missions
  • Social/Cultural and Human Terrain Analysis
  • Intelligence Requirements Analysis
  • Intelligence Collection Strategy Development
  • Targeting Analysis and Support
  • Cyber Operations Analysis and Support
  • Supply Chain Risk Analysis
  • Collection and Intelligence Analysis Training

Leveraging 5Si’s vast and unique business associations, 5Si’s analysts develop extraordinary results through the transparency and clarity of multiple collection points, which are rarely found in most Intelligence Units. 5Si’s particular attention to possessing a deep understanding of both global and local (language-culture-faith-finance) provides a precise perspective for the identification of illicit activity and critical vulnerabilities of entities of interest.