Intelligence Collection

Intelligence collection serves as an operational umbrella resulting in the collection and synthesis of various forms of Protective Intelligence, Financial Intelligence, and Strategic Intelligence. 5Si utilizes a patent pending method of analysis subsequent to the collection, blending and processing of multiple collection points and networks, which are tuned to Client needs, producing extraordinary results.

Accurate intelligence analysis and forecasting are essential to operational planning and strategic leadership in support of Corporate, Governmental and Private Entities. Today’s Asymmetric Threats present unprecedented vulnerabilities and elevate traditional security risks to a much higher level of concern. It is a well accepted conclusion that these new challenges will continue to outpace the available Government resources. Indeed, these challenges bring reality to the ancient concept:

“When bad men conspire, Good men must associate.”

This adage crystallizes the operational concept of 5 Stones intelligence and the importance of leveraging blended expertise from various components of Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Military to produce extraordinary results for the private sector. Furthermore, a passion for excellence, service and Judeo-Christian ethics are the central threads that run throughout every component of 5 Stones intelligence.

Our Special Agents, Case Officers, Detectives and Special Operators – are globally experienced, intellectually driven and spiritually strong, which uniquely enables 5Si to produce extraordinary products and results through unfiltered collaboration and insight. Moreover, the demonstrated importance of such a high quality collaboration of Protective, Strategic and Financial intelligence has never been more important to the protection and survival of Judeo – Christian worship centers, schools and businesses. A natural by-product of this alliance is operational flexibility and speed, as well as unrestricted access, thereby providing state of the art capabilities and results.