Seized Property Investigator (SPI)



Requires an undergraduate degree and a minimum of 10 years law enforcement experience. SPI should have an expert level knowledge of seized assets, inventory management, and complex asset disposal methods.

Description of Duties: 

Currently supports custodial and field operations at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives which maintains assets such as firearms, ammunition, and explosives, which are generally considered non-valued assets.

The following list is to show some of the typical services and support for the specified labor category. The list is designed to show typical projects, the list is not all-inclusive, and other types of services may be required)

(a) Serve as liaison between the seizing and custodial entity

(b) Maintain Official Request Memo/Release and Receipt files on seized assets.

(c) Catalogue forfeited assets.

(d) Provide on-site support for large seizures throughout the United States.

(e) Respond to questions and provide information to other organizations on forfeiture and seizure questions.

(f) Photograph (when necessary) forfeited assets; research forfeited asset origin/history; and document and enter forfeited assets into Government databases.

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