Forensic Technical Intelligence

Computer Technical Intelligence:

5Si employs extensive capabilities in the forensic processing and retrieval of computer files, E-Mail, online chat logs (blogs, twitter, facebook, myspace etc.), back office metadata, Word Perfect/Lotus Notes/Microsoft Office/Mac applications, Internet and computer data caching, Web Search Logs, which may have been lost through hacking (Denial of Service, worm etc.), erased or embedded within a target computer network, computer hard drive, computer application, or document/image/media/email file.

Cellular Telephone and PDA Communications Intelligence:

5Si Technical Specialists are experts in tracking, mapping, reconstructing and mirror imaging of cellular telephone and PDA communications, call logs, point-to-point communications and text message history. The exploitation or misuse of computer and communications systems within corporate, business and religious organizations is often the precursor for the collection of information relative to economic espionage, employee adverse risk behavior, as well as related threats to or loss of an organization’s reputation, intellectual property and physical assets.