Mr. Craig Underwood, Director of Financial Investigations

Mr. Underwood serves as 5 Stones’ Director of Financial investigations and is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Financial Fraud and Money Laundering investigations. Mr. Underwood served as an IRS-CID Special Agent for 30 years conducting and leading highly specialized and complex financial investigations. These include serving as the lead Special Agent in international financial investigations related to targeting trade-based money laundering and the Black Market Peso Exchange. He is considered a Subject Matter Expert in international banking and asset tracing related to Terrorist Finance, Drug Trafficking Organizations, and Money Laundering Networks.

Mr. Underwood has an extensive history of success supporting IRS, DEA and FBI Money Laundering investigations which encompassed a wide range of criminal conduct, including drug trafficking, mail fraud, wire fraud, smuggling, visa fraud, interstate transportation of stolen property, and mislabeling and misbranding of prescription drugs. The investigations have targeted drug trafficking organizations, money brokers, automobile dealerships, physicians, pharmacists, importers, and other individuals involved in organized criminal activities. Mr. Underwood has presented his investigative findings as a trial witness in numerous successful federal prosecutions.

Mr. Underwood’s knowledge and skill as a Financial Investigator are well known throughout the Federal Law Enforcement community in the United States and in Europe. As an IRS-CID special agent, his expertise in the areas of forensic accounting and financial investigative techniques was often called upon by prosecutors and other law enforcement agencies. Mr. Underwood shared his knowledge and experience through the development and presentation of financial investigations training programs uniquely tailored to meet the needs of law enforcement officials and prosecutors at all levels.

As Director of Financial investigations, Mr. Underwood leads 5 Stones’ National Security Investigations that focus on Global Financial Fraud and Intelligence, Money Laundering, Terror Threat Finance, Alternate Remittance Systems, and other complex financial matters. In addition, he coordinates and oversee investigations initiated as a result of information received from Financial Industry Whistleblowers. These investigations often identify and illuminate threats to the U.S. and global economies. Mr. Underwood’s duties will also include overseeing engagements with financial institutions and other Clients for the purpose of conducting historical and comprehensive financial lookbacks and other activities relating to AML compliance.

In addition, Mr. Underwood guides and directs both domestic and international investigative efforts focused on money laundering and complex fraud investigations. In this capacity, he develops and implements 5 Stones’ international financial investigative training programs. These programs are uniquely designed to fit the requirements of the Client agencies, and also include mentoring activities and assistance in the development of high-level financial level investigations using a variety of sources of information.

Mr. Underwood hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Alabama in Birmingham and completed advanced coursework in Business Administration at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist as well as a Certified Fraud Examiner. Mr. Underwood exemplifies the tenacity, attention to detail, and outstanding work ethic that have led to the widespread recognition of IRS-CID special agents as the world’s finest financial investigators and applies these traits and skillsets to meet and exceed the expectations of 5 Stones’ Clients.