Mr. Michael J Diorio, Geo-Political Analyst

Mr. Diorio is assigned to the New York office for 5 Stones intelligence. He is an all source intelligence analyst for 5 Stones specializing in deep research and analysis of Geo-political issues, Threats to Church and Synagogue facilities, Foreign policy, Religion and Philosophy. Mr.Diorio has intensely studied languages, culture, illicit finance, religion, music and global cultures and earned a Doctorate Degree from Boston University and a Master’s Degree from Yale University. He has studied Farsi language at Georgetown University and most recently led a deep analysis of Bitcoin and Black Market currencies.

Mr. Diorio posses an extraordinary understanding of European cultures and has studied in England, France, Germany, and Austria. He is the son of a highly accomplished U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Customs Special Agent and brings the best blend and balance of capabilities and ethics which enhance the value of his services.

As an all source intelligence analyst with extensive frame of reference earned through advanced study, Mr. Diorio provides a most unique optic to complex issues and brings extraordinary insight and contribution to 5 Stones intelligence products. Mr. Diorio has been assigned to help map the illicit global Financial Networks which fuel Human Trafficking.

Mr. Diorio is an outstanding example of the depth of experience, academic rigor and Cultural-Acuity that serves as the foundation for 5 Stones intelligence analytical products. 5 Stones’ products and services have proven to be extraordinary and mission critical to our clients, as a result of our extraordinary intelligence analysts.