Mr. John Bowman, Director of UK and EU Operations

Mr. John Bowman leads the 5 Stones intelligence London office, serving as the Director of Operations for the United Kingdom and Europe. Mr. Bowman is a career law enforcement and intelligence professional with 32 years’ experience serving in the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA) intelligence and operations directorate, Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA), the National Crime Squad and the London Metropolitan Police Service.

Mr. Bowman previously served as the United Kingdom’s International Liaison Officer to the Eastern Caribbean, leading the establishment of National Confidential Intelligence Units that significantly enhanced the analytical capabilities of the NCA’s upstream counter narcotic operations. Mr. Bowman was recognized and awarded by the UK and US for his successful leadership in the management of International HUMINT operations, as well as SIGINT Technical intelligence targeting, collection and analysis.

Mr. Bowman worked closely with DEA, FBI, HSI, European law enforcement partners and the intelligence communities to establish an intelligence led strategy that significantly increased the number of firearm seizures and homicides arrests in the region. Mr. Bowman advised on numerous successful murder investigations including the kidnap and murder of a British businessman.

Mr. Bowman also served as the NCA International HUMINT Source Authorizing officer, providing strategic guidance and management of HUMINT Source handlers globally. Mr. Bowman was responsible for the NCA’s HUMINT Source program for intelligence targeting and collection.
During his career, Mr. Bowman served as the SOCA/NCA International HUMINT Source Controller with responsibility for tactical guidance and management of Source handlers posted throughout the world. Mr. Bowman’s leadership led the significant success of UK law enforcement and intelligence efforts designed to counter serious organized crime in the western hemisphere. Mr. Bowman managed HUMINT staff deployments into hostile environments in South America with great success. He developed and implemented a HUMINT Source sharing relationship with International partners such as DEA, FBI, HSI, Dutch Law Enforcement, the intelligence community and foreign law enforcement partners.

Significantly, during 2005 – 2010, Mr. Bowman served as an intelligence manager for the National Crime Squad and SOCA, devising and implementing the confidential HUMINT unit concept, which was adopted as a national best practice methodology for the NCA. Mr. Bowman deployed as the intelligence manager on numerous successful Kidnap investigations, managing the deployment of covert intelligence/evidence gathering techniques, resulting in extraordinary levels of success. He received the SOCA Director General commendation for leadership and dedication to duty during a successful investigation into the kidnapping of a UK citizen in Pakistan. Mr. Bowman deployed as a “post incident manager” with primary responsibility for supporting NCA officers involved in fatal and non fatal shooting incidents.

Mr. Bowman previously served as Detective Inspector on the UK Metropolitan Police Murder Command, qualifying as a Senior Investigating Officer (SIO), while investigating numerous murders within London for which he received numerous commendations for leadership and commitment to duty.

Mr. Bowman has an extraordinary level of experience and success which has qualified him as a renowned Subject Matter Expert (SME) regarding HUMINT intelligence operations and global investigations.

Mr. Bowman provides oversight and leadership for all 5 Stones intelligence services and products to our Clients throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.