Mr. Dave Tinsley, Founder – Chairman

Mr. Tinsley is the Founder and Chairman of 5 Stones. He is a retired United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Supervisory Special Agent with a total of 32 years combined Law Enforcement and Intelligence experience. Over 20 of those years were spent as a DEA Supervisory Special Agent and DEA Special Agent based in Miami, Florida. Mr. Tinsley was responsible for the development, strategic leadership, management, and execution of – Financial Investigations, Undercover Money Laundering Investigations, and related DEA Enforcement Operations. He also conducted covert and overt investigative and intelligence operations on behalf of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and other elements of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Mr. Tinsley was the original architect and manager of 12 Attorney General Exempted Operations (AGEO) Financial Undercover Investigations. He was the lead DEA Case Agent for undercover Money Laundering SARC/AGEO operations, which extended to the 10 largest U.S. cities and 15 Foreign Countries. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States, The Middle East, Asia, Africa, Mexico, Central / South America, and Europe providing leadership and direction for many of DEA’s most successful and landmark operations. During this phase of his career, Mr. Tinsley perfected unique skill-sets with regard to Intelligence Collection, Financial Intelligence, Money Laundering, Counter Terrorism, International Business-Banking acumen and the development of an extraordinary Global Network of contacts.

Mr. Tinsley managed the largest and one of the most successful DEA Enforcement Groups in the history of the agency, which was recognized for outstanding performance and consistently received the DEA’s highest award for Group accomplishment every year. In addition, Mr. Tinsley served as the DEA-Miami Principal point of contact for Foreign Liaison Operational Law Enforcement Directors for – the United Kingdom, the Caribbean; Central and South America; Europe; The Middle East and Israel. Mr. Tinsley was selected to lead joint DEA/CIA financial intelligence teams that targeted global clandestine networks at the highest echelon of narco-traffickers, money launderers and terrorist organizations. Mr. Tinsley managed and coordinated global investigations that were sanctioned at the highest levels of the U.S. Government.

Mr. Tinsley is a world-renowned thought leader regarding emerging Financial Threats and trends, as well as one of the leading Subject Matter Experts (SME) concerning Financial investigations, Undercover Money Laundering Operations, International Banking investigations, Clandestine payment systems, and Intelligence collection.

He is a pioneer in the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) arena, designing one of the first Governmental and Financial Industry Threat Assessment programs. Mr. Tinsley authored the original Financial Threat Assessment for the DEA concerning the Blended Threat of emerging Radical Terrorist Groups, Drug Cartels and Black-Market Payment Systems” and their threat to the U.S. Banking and Financial communities. Mr. Tinsley is highly capable in the identification and neutralization of emerging financial threats and possesses extensive expertise in BSA/AML/OFAC, PATRIOT Act and Compliance GAAP analysis. He developed unique leadership and management abilities while overseeing Special Agents, Intelligence Analysts, Administrative Staff, Contract Employees and Foreign Counterparts throughout the world.

Mr. Tinsley has testified before the U.S. Congress and Senate Sub-Committees regarding Money Laundering Issues, International Currencies, Monetary Risk and Intelligence matters. He represented the DEA at the 1997, World Chamber of Commerce for Gold Manufacturers and Distributors in Rome, Italy, regarding Financial Threats, International Money Laundering, and The Black-Market Peso Exchange. He has served as an Instructor to Special Agents, Case Officers and Intelligence Analysts in the United States, as well as Europe, the United Kingdom and South America. Mr. Tinsley also developed Anti-Money Laundering Programs for the DEA, FBI, IRS, ICE, CIA, and the United States Attorney’s School of Advocacy.

Mr. Tinsley maintains an extraordinary network of Contacts with access to global financial intelligence, emerging markets, strategic economic trends and Geo-political-shifts. He currently represents 5Si by providing consultation to the U.S. Government and the United Kingdom concerning Undercover and Overt Financial Investigations in the United States, Europe, The Middle East, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

While serving with the DEA, Mr. Tinsley received the DEA’s highest award – The Administrator’s Award of Honor for Investigations, on seven occasions. He has attended over two hundred (200) Specialized Training Schools in Special Operations, Financial Investigations, Intelligence Collection, Communications Interceptions, Voice and Data Security, Advanced Internet Investigations, Security and Interception, Methodologies for the Collection of Information and Intelligence, International Finance, International Banking, Management and Leadership, and development and recruitment of Human Intelligence Assets (HUMINT). Mr. Tinsley completed advanced studies at MIT regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technology and leadership development at Cornell University.

Mr. Tinsley holds a BS/MS in Criminal Justice, Completed Post Graduate studies at Wharton Business School, and a PhD student in Global Business at Regent University. He is presently a student in the Global Business Program at Oxford University Saïd Business School.