Mr. Kevin Herder

Mr. Herder currently serves as a Leader on the 5Si Global Surveillance Team and a Personal Protection Specialist (PPS).

Prior to joining 5 Stones intelligence, Mr. Herder served with distinction for 28 years with the Newark, NJ Police Department. Mr. Herders’ roles included tactical patrol in high-crime areas and extensive deployments in undercover narcotics investigations and surveillance operations. Mr. Herder also rose to the rank of detective while working in multiple precinct squads during his career, he worked closely with several State, Local and on multiple Federal Agency Task Forces.

Mr. Herder received specialty training from the Elite Emergency Services Unit in which he was also a member. He was involved in heavy rescue operations at accident scenes, building collapses, barricaded persons / hostage negation situations and emotionally disturbed Individuals. Mr. Herder served as a Swat Team member and received extensive training in firearms and heavy weapons tactics and close-quarters combat training. Mr. Herder has extensive experience in managing and executing long-term surveillance operations.