Mr. Matthew Tinsley, Chief of Staff to the Chairman, CEO, COO and Directors

Matthew Tinsley serves as the Chief of Staff to the Chairman, CEO, COO and Directors to ensure the highest level of service is provided to all 5 Stones’ Clients. Matthew previously served for 4 years as a Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) and Global Surveillance Team Leader. Matthew is a graduate of the Oxford University Said Business School, Professional Services Program, the Yale University Accelerated Management Program and the MIT Blockchain Technology – AI Program. He has completed post graduate training at MIT regarding Blockchain and is certified in Digital Currency, as well as Chainalysis Reactor Certified (CRC) in the tracing of Bitcoin transactions. Matthew earned an undergraduate degree in Global Business at Lee University and an MBA from Tennessee Wesleyan University.

Matthew graduated from the Executive Protection Institute (EPI) as a certified Personal Protection Specialist. He is a graduate of several Advanced Firearms Training programs at the renowned Gunsite Academy in Paulden, Arizona. He attended the Protector Symposium I, II and IV, and has trained with Coach Tony Blauer in the Spear Tactical System. Matthew has served in highly complex and challenging Protection Operations in Jerusalem, Israel, the West Bank Territory, and the United States. Matthew is a graduate of the Israeli Tactical School, Executive Protection Program and SWAT Tactical School. He has trained with and by the Israeli Shin Bet (Shabak) in protection operations, in Jerusalem, Israel.