Mr. Jon Hunter

Colonel (Retired) Jon “Kip” Hunter serves as the lead Technical Consultant for 5 Stones intelligence concerning unique Technical Operations issues.

Civilian Service
Since August 2000, Mr. Hunter has specialized in technical and management consulting in areas ranging from Military Information Operations, Specialized Sensors, Space, Intelligence, Counter-Terrorism support, to Command and Control operations. He was the lead engineer for the Northrop Grumman “optical processing” technology assessment study. This study saved millions of dollars for Grumman when it was determined that the manufacturing processes required to make a “cost effect” system were not yet available. He then helped Grumman, assess its available technical collection means and capture a $1 Billion Government contract. He was the director of the Red Team (Technology/Engineering) for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Space Plane project “RASCAL”. DARPA is the central research and development organization for the DOD and Mr. Hunter has had a long history with this organization. The details of the RASCAL program are classified however over $20 million dollars were spent to establish the technology specifications. Mr. Hunter has been an associate of a number of specialized advanced sensor design and manufacturing companies. His ideas on use and processes helped the Omni-Sense “unattended ground sensor” (UGS) to become one of the US Army’s Top 10 new technologies for 2006. These unattended ground sensors are currently helping to increase identification of IED locations and associated devices. One of Mr. Hunter’s other areas of expertise is specialized communications. He was a consultant with the National Security Agency (NSA) tasked to help identify, test and evaluate some of the newest software encryption capability that is entering the DOD. His experience with National Intelligence fusion has made him an acknowledged expert both in data processing and command and control operations. He has been involved in numerous classified counter-terrorism support projects with US Special Operations Command and has participated in several Homeland Security and National Defense Studies. Mr. Hunter retired from the USAF as a full Colonel in 2000, after 26 years of service. His contacts include officials in US Homeland Security agencies, aerospace, defense and intelligence industries. Mr. Hunter maintains a Top Secret (SCI) security clearance which allows him to provide the above services for numerous highly classified programs.

Military Service
From 1995 to 2000 Mr. Hunter worked for the National Reconnaissance Office as the Director of the Data Fusion Facility, and as the Director for Special Projects working directly for the Deputy Director of the NRO. He was the NRO representative to the Joint Staff during the Kosovo Conflict and was designated a “super user” for Joint and Service Information Warfare (IW) programs. He was the National Intelligence community member of the Joint Staff “CISCO” study for the Joint Requirements Board (JRB) on Commercial Satellite capabilities and defenses against them. He coordinated and led a team comprised of members of the NRO, CIA, DIA and USSOCOM to work special projects against deeply buried Underground Targets. From 1992 to 1995 Mr. Hunter was assigned to the Air Force Space Command, where he served as the Director of the USAF “Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities” (TENCAP) program and finally as the Director of Operations of the Air Force Space Warfare Center. Prior to 1992 he flew over 4000 hrs in 9 different fighters and over 1000 hours in helicopter gunships. He has extensive combat experience as a Fighter Weapons Instructor, Mission Force Leader or flight lead with 56 combat missions during Desert Storm and over 300 combat missions as a Combat Advisor, U.S. Military Group, El Salvador. He was one of 12 “special” up-country regional combat advisors to the Salvadoran Military. He also has extensive experience in flight test and evaluation. During several tours in Nevada and California he flew tactical test and evaluation of various classified projects at Edwards Fight Test Center and in Area 51 or “Dreamland”. He flew the majority of the enemy exploitation programs for the F-4G “Wild Weasel” as it was coming into service.

Mr. Hunter received a Bachelors BS Degree, from Virginia Tech, and a Masters MA in Business, from Webster University. He has attended numerous professional education programs.

Detailed Resume provided to Clients upon request.