Mr. Paul Zohorsky, National Security Unit

Mr. Zohorsky is assigned to the 5 Stones intelligence National Security Unit in Washington D.C. Mr. Zohorsky develops and leads Special Projects, which incorporates missions and resources of 5 Stones global HUMINT networks, Terrorism Countermeasures and Cyber Units. Mr. Zohorsky also develops and manages key relationships for 5 Stones within various components of the U.S. Government Special Operations Forces and the intelligence community. He is responsible for developing and delivering unique Counter-terrorism and intelligence solutions for 5Si clients.

Mr. Zohorsky most recently served as a U.S. Navy SEAL where he was selected for highly specialized SEAL intelligence courses. Mr. Zohorsky participated in numerous SEAL tactical operations in the Global War on Terror. Mr. Zohorsky also served and led advanced SEAL coordination and training operations throughout several countries in Europe and Baltic States.

Mr. Zohorsky has deep experience and highly specialized training in Classified Global Counter-Terrorism Operations, Intelligence collection, Close Quarters Tactical training and Protection services in support of intelligence operations. Mr. Zohorsky earned a B.S. degree in Economics and is pursuing graduate studies in Global Affairs, Finance and Intelligence. He has completed Farsi language training and additional ongoing specialty training.

Mr. Zohorsky has served on 5 Stones Protection and Security Details in Israel, and is providing specialized training within 5 Stones training unit.
Presently, Mr. Zohorsky leads 5 Stones projects and services in Washington D.C. as well as Southeast Asia, The Middle East and Africa for 5Si Government and Corporate clients.