Mr. William “Bill” McMurry

Mr. William “Bill” McMurry is a career law enforcement and intelligence professional who serves as the Director of Global Strategy and Federal Programs for 5 Stones. Mr. McMurry leads the development and implementation of strategic solutions and services for Government and Commercial Clients. Mr. McMurry also leads and oversees 5 Stones strategic engagements with Federal Law Enforcement services and National Security Programs.

Mr. McMurry is a retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent who served in the FBI’s New York Office for twenty-four years. In 2015, Mr. McMurry was selected as the FBI’s first Supervisory Special Agent for the newly created International Corruption Squad in the FBI’s New York Division.  The squad was created to investigate violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), matters involving complex money laundering in connection to corrupt foreign officials and Anti-Trust matters.  As a result of Mr. McMurry’s leadership, the FBI New York ICU squad evolved into a global leader concerning foreign corruption, complex money laundering and corporate malfeasance investigations.

In 2019, Mr. McMurry served as the FBI Headquarters Unit Chief for the International Corruption Unit (ICU). In that capacity Mr. McMurry oversaw the Foreign Corruption and Anti-Trust programs for the entire FBI. As the ICU Unit Chief, Mr. McMurry supervised hundreds of investigations, approximately sixty Special Agents, Analysts and Forensic Accountants.

Among the several high-profile cases led by Mr. McMurry were two of the largest foreign corruption cases in history.

The first investigation involved a $4.7 Billion-dollar scheme to embezzle funds from a Malaysian government fund known as 1MDB.  The investigation is ongoing but has resulted in the seizure of approximately $1.8 Billion dollars in money and assets by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) which represents the largest civil forfeiture actions to date by DOJ’s Kleptocracy Initiative. The investigation has also resulted in US indictments of several co-conspirators to include, high level bankers from Goldman Sachs, a corrupt DOJ official and lobbyists for senior US Government officials.  The investigation also led to the arrest of the former Prime Minister of Malaysia as well as several high-ranking members of the former Prime Minister’s cabinet.

The second investigation focused on a Brazilian Engineering/Construction firm Odebrecht.  This investigation resulted from a close working relationship between the FBI/DOJ and Brazilian authorities overseeing the Brazilian corruption investigation known as “Lavo Jato.”  Mr. McMurry led and coordinated the US investigative efforts which resulted in Odebrecht pleading guilty to violations of the FCPA and money laundering in the Eastern District of New York (EDNY).  The firm was forced to pay a landmark global settlement which involved the US, Swiss and Brazilian authorities of $2.6 Billion dollars. The case also resulted in dozens of indictments in the US and Brazil, while uncovering an extremely complex global money laundering scheme. Numerous additional corruption investigations were opened as a result in the US and abroad involving corruption at the highest levels of government in thirteen different countries.

Mr. McMurry spent the majority of his FBI career investigating Transnational Organized Crime (TOC). Mr. McMurry was the lead investigator for several high-profile TOC cases which led to the complete dismantlement of some of the most dangerous TOCs ever investigated by US law enforcement.  Mr. McMurry is a Court Certified Subject Matter Expert (SME) regarding Transnational Organized Crime Networks and the use of the RICO statute to dismantle them.

Mr. McMurry worked closely with the US DOJ, DEA, ATF, HSI, OFAC, DOD and the USIC to develop a national strategy to combat the threat posed by Transnational Organized Crime and provided lead input for the US DOJ national guidance, which was implemented in 2009 and provides a whole of government response to the TOC threat.

Mr. McMurry was tasked with the implementation of the FBI’s investigative methodology in response to complex Transnational Organized Crime Networks based in Asia and the greater Middle East.  Mr. McMurry led a five-year multi organizational investigation which led to the indictment of several key leaders of the target organization, exposure of their global money laundering apparatus and a seismic shift in the global intelligence collection capabilities concerning the target organization.

During 2014, Mr. McMurry briefed the United States National Security Council, the Attorney General and the heads of every US organization charged with combating Transnational Organized Crime regarding the threat posed by the target organization. As a result, the FBI created a special unit dedicated solely to the threat posed by the target organization.

Mr. McMurry is known as a world leader concerning complex international investigations and has developed a significant network of contacts throughout the globe.  Mr. McMurry has supervised, planned and executed international undercover operations, extraditions and renditions to include, the only US extradition in history from the Peoples Republic of China (PRC).  He has worked closely with foreign law enforcement on some of the most complex and politically sensitive cases in the history of the FBI.

Mr. McMurry has represented the US at international conferences concerning international corruption and organized crime such as, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).  He has lectured at numerous conferences and law enforcement training events both in the US and abroad.  Mr. McMurry has spoken at universities to include, Columbia, Fordham and NYU.  Mr. McMurry has also provided Anti Money Laundering (AML) training to financial institutions to include, Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse.

Prior to entering the FBI, Mr. McMurry was a commissioned officer and Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) from 1992 until 1996.  As an AFOSI Special Agent, Mr. McMurry investigated a wide range of matters concerning both criminal offenses and threats to national security.  Mr. McMurry was deployed to Cairo, Egypt in support of Operation Desert Shield and Mogadishu, Somalia in support of Operation Restore Hope.  Mr. McMurry was the senior AFOSI Special Agent during these deployments.  He was charged with responsibilities concerning force protection and HUMINT collection.  Mr. McMurry worked closely with other elements of DOD, the USIC and members of the UN coalition forces to collect and disseminate intelligence concerning the threat posed to US forces in the region.

Mr. McMurry has a BA in Psychology from West Virginia University and is CAMS certified and has attended countless US Government training programs and briefings regarding Financial investigations and intelligence.