Ms. Karen McCarthy, Human Trafficking Analyst

Ms. McCarthy serves as the Director of Analysis for 5 Stones intelligence. She has extensive experience as a U.S. Army Human Intelligence Collector and Analyst serving in Afghanistan and Iraq with JSOTF, DIA, FBI, and DHS. She is highly trained and proficient in the collection and analysis of complex all source information/intelligence.

During her service with DOD she planned, organized and led daily HUMINT collection missions in hostile combat zones, and managed the analysis of captured documents while extracting intelligence, evidence and mission critical data. Ms. McCarthy has extensive experience in the analysis of financial intelligence, tracing financial networks and illicit funding channels, teaming with DIA, FBI, DHS and JSOTF. She interpreted, analyzed and charted complex relationships within terrorist networks and illicit supply chains. While assigned to Afghanistan, Ms. McCarthy served as a lead intelligence analyst regarding the Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin (HIG) terrorist network.

During her military career, Ms. McCarthy trained U.S. Army soldiers in elicitation, liaison, screening, debriefing, documentation exploitation, intelligence reporting, surveillance, military source operations and interrogation skills. She was directly responsible for managing Intelligence Analysts, Interrogators and Linguists for the Joint Special Operations Command Task Force JSOTF Afghanistan. She was responsible for staffing and Special Mission Units and DIA teams with linguist support and accompanying management and aided Counterintelligence projects for vetting of sensitive employment screenings in battle zones. Ms. McCarthy managed and operated Battlefield Interrogation Facilities and processed over one hundred detainees without incident. She ensured the timely and accurate analysis, production and dissemination of intelligence products in preparation for combat operations.

Ms. McCarthy has a B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic. She is a proficient speaker in Arabic, Chinese, and Korean. During her military service she received numerous awards for her service. She has been deployed in over 20 countries and is a highly regarded Intelligence Analyst.

She is presently coordinating the global mapping and targeting of illicit Financial Networks that support Human Trafficking of women and children. Ms. McCarthy has developed an operational plan to target and attack the most complex elements of money laundering networks that fuel the illicit supply chain of Human Trafficking and Terrorist Networks.