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Mr. Nigel Brown, Director EMEA – Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Mr. Brown manages 5 Stones’ London office and directs all EMEA Operations with a focus on Financial investigations, Financial intelligence, Security and Counter Terrorism. Mr. Brown previously served as a Detective with New Scotland Yard, establishing an exemplary service record, including four commendations for bravery and judicial commendations for Outstanding Detective Ability.

Mr. Brown has an extensive history of success directing complex Global Financial Fraud and Money Laundering investigations in support of US and UK Government with a focus on Whistleblower investigations. Mr. Brown’s knowledge and skill as a Financial Investigator is renown throughout the Federal Law Enforcement community in the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe.

Throughout his career, Mr. Brown has led some of the world’s most high profile investigations and in 2014 he lead a special team of financial and criminal investigators uncovering one of the worlds largest money laundering and criminal enterprises ever discovered by a private enterprise. Through Mr. Brown’s leadership the investigation identified exposed one of the world’s largest commercial Money Laundering Operations which supported numerous Terrorist and Organized Crime Networks. Additionally, Mr. Brown was also asked to conduct a “cold case review” for the Madeleine McCann Fund prior to presentation to New Scotland Yard.

Nigel has received numerous accolades throughout his career to include being awarded Investigator of the Year by the Association of British Investigators in 2007, for a complex investigation in multiple jurisdictions involving the safe return of a kidnapping victim. During 2008, Nigel was awarded Security Professional of the Year by the World Association of Detectives for an extremely complex and dangerous operation conducted in Gaza in support of humanitarian Aid. He was again nominated in 2017, by the Association of British Investigators, Investigator of the Year, for a complex investigation in support of an Oil and Gas company and a two year anti-corruption investigation with evidence presented to a US Congressional Inquiry. Nigel was also nominated as an independent Auditor for the National Anti Corruption Bureau (NABU) in the Ukraine and addressed the Ukrainian Parliament on anti corruption policies. During October 2017, Nigel Brown was elected as Vice President of the World Association of Detectives, at the 92nd Annual Conference in India. Such is the legacy of Mr. Brown’s investigative leadership, he was again awarded the Investigator of the Year by the Association of British Investigators for 2018.

Mr. Brown represents the renowned qualities of innovation, drive, resourcefulness, relentless work ethic and specialized skill-sets for which New Scotland Yard is legend. Through his experience and skill, Mr. Brown provides high quality service and consultation to all 5 Stones’ Clients throughout the EMEA Region. As Director of EMEA Operations, Mr. Brown manages Client engagements and evaluates the intake of all Whistleblower investigations.