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Mr. Louis Sastre

Mr. Sastre serves as the Chief Financial Officer and Director of National Security Programs for 5 Stones. Mr. Sastre leads various intelligence and investigative programs for 5 Stones’ U.S. Government programs and supports National Security Unit initiatives. Mr. Sastre has operational oversight for various Governmental and Commercial initiatives throughout South America. Mr. Sastre has previously manages 5 Stones efforts in Asia, The Middle East, South America and the U.S. Mr. Sastre serves as a Project Manager for sensitive U.S. Federal Law Enforcement programs and has been recognized as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in complex multi-faceted UC Money Laundering investigations.

Previously, Mr. Sastre served as a DEA Miami Task Force Agent for 20 years in the U.S. and South America. Mr. Sastre has extensive experience in recruiting, developing and directing confidential sources. Mr. Sastre serves as a federal, state and local undercover operations instructor. Mr. Sastre was awarded the Chief’s Special Recognition Medal and DEA’s highest award, the Administrator’s Award, for his work in undercover financial investigations.

Mr. Sastre has extensive experience and is a recognized nationally as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) regarding intelligence collection programs and Undercover Money Laundering Operations for State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies and the intelligence community.
While serving as a Detective and DEA Task Force Agent in Miami, Florida, Mr. Sastre managed complex intelligence collection operations and long-term financial investigations. These investigations were global in scope and produced extraordinary results.

Mr. Sastre has developed methodologies for Undercover Money Laundering programs and financial investigations, which effectively bridge, harmonize and enhance Operational HUMINT projects with formalized long-term investigations. Mr. Sastre has implemented such programs, which parallel Federal AGEO Undercover Money Laundering Operation, for State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, as well as other government agencies. Mr. Sastre manages long-term intelligence and investigative projects within 5 Stones’ National Security Unit. He has served as a project leader within a 5Si funded research team of Law Enforcement and Intelligence professionals, whose focus is the fusion of various financial intelligence products within Counter Terrorism programs.

Mr. Sastre has led foreign and domestic Financial intelligence operations in Asia, The Middle East, Africa and South America. He has led cutting edge research in Data Mining, HUMINT, Analysis and next generation intelligence – communications. Mr. Sastre is a recognized Subject Matter Expert (SME) in undercover financial operations and is fluent in English and Spanish.