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Mr. Imran Shahid, Cultural Intelligence Specialist

Mr. Shahid serves as a senior Cultural Intelligence Specialist for 5 Stones intelligence. Mr. Shahid leads the development and delivery of complex intelligence projects designed to identify distinctive and unique cultural influencers within geographies, movements, people groups, and communities. Cultural Acuity within intelligence collection and analysis is a 5 Stones intelligence trademark within distinctive intelligence products. Uniquely, Mr. Shahid and other 5 Stones intelligence Specialists have developed very unique intelligence collection platforms and analytical methods, which include the integration of Cultural measurements, influencers, financial markets, Black Market commodities, Maritime commerce and various other elements that provide extraordinarily accurate intelligence forecasts.

Mr. Shahid is a Middle-East and South Asia Subject Matter Expert (SME), with more than a 30 years of research, data collection and intelligence experience in the region. He has worked with the U.S. DOD on numerous sensitive programs concerning cultural awareness, public perception, social influence factors, social media and business development, supply chain logistics in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and throughout the region.

Mr. Shahid recently led a 5 Stones study of the troubled FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) in Pakistan as well as monitoring cultural influencers of terrorist networks and their propaganda cells. This project is providing new insights into the motivations of the recruitment motivators and funding channels for terrorist networks. His understanding and analysis is providing the insight needed to dissect motivations and counter the extremist ideology employed by terrorist organizations.

Mr. Shahid is fluent in six different languages as spoken within the regions of his responsibility. His language skills and keen analytical insight blended with years of study, research and observation of cultures, commerce, religions and tribes, make his analysis of the region extremely accurate. Mr. Shaihd’s analysis of the region are very instrumental in shaping 5 Stone projects/products. He is a highly accomplished intelligence analyst, who knows the value of blending complex pieces of data, such as econometrics, culture, language, geo-political policies, ground-truth, and Cultural Acuity, to determine precise solutions to complex problems within ever changing environments