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Mr. Harlen Bell, Chief of Terrorism Investigations

Mr. Bell serves as the Chief of Terrorism intelligence for 5 Stones. He is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Counter Terrorism Operations and Radical Islamic Groups. Mr. Bell served as an FBI Special Agent, Supervisory Special Agent, Unit Chief at the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) Counter Terrorism Center (CTC) at Langley Virginia, and at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Headquarters’ (FBIHQ) International Terrorism Operations Section, Radical Fundamentalist Unit. Mr. Bell has developed expertise in recruiting and operating intelligence assets inside the radical Islamic milieu and served as an expert witness in terror trials for the U.S. Government. He has received extensive training in Arabic languages and cultures. Mr. Bell coordinated joint FBI and CIA operations at headquarters and field levels and led the FBI counter terrorism Joint Terrorism Task Force. Mr. Bell served from 1992 – 1995, as an FBI Special Agent on the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York investigating the first bombing of the World Trade Center (TRADEBOM); investigated and interviewed various members of Al Qaeda; interviewed Sheikh Omar Abd Al Rahman on several occasions in the aftermath of the World Trade Center bombing; provided decisive testimony in the 1993 trial of Sheikh Omar Abd Al Rahman in the New York Division of the FBI; de-briefed and prepared key witness in the bridges and tunnels plot (TERRSTOP) investigation.

Mr. Bell while assigned to the FBI HQ’s Radical Fundamentalist Unit in the International Terrorism Operations Section served as the Supervisory Special Agent from 1995 to 2001 with primary Headquarters oversight responsibility for the investigation of the 1996 bombing of the U.S. Air Force Barracks at Dharran, Saudi Arabia (KHOBOMB). Subsequently, he was detailed to the CIA’s Counter Terrorism Section for two years and coordinated extremely sensitive joint FBI and CIA Counter Terrorism Operations against foreign terrorist organizations. Additionally, he has developed strong working relationships with officers from Egyptian, Kuwaiti, Bahraini, Saudi, Canadian, British and Israeli national security and intelligence services. Mr. Bell was the sole staffer accompanying the Director of the FBI on two occasions for White House briefings to the President’s National Security Advisor and the Attorney General of the United States regarding the Khobar Towers Bombing.

During approximately 30 years of U.S. Government service, Mr. Bell received extensive training in all aspects of intelligence and investigative matters and was awarded several Performance Awards from the FBI and an Exceptional Performance Award from the CIA.

Mr. Bell served as the lead Special Agent for an FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) targeting International Terrorism and Foreign Intelligence collection. Mr. Bell retired from the FBI during 2009 and accepted the Chief of Terrorism intelligence position with 5 Stones intelligence.